Zygor Guides 3.0.1692


Zygor Guides Version 3.0.1692

Version: 3.0.1692

Last Updated On:

January 14th, 2011
Horde Guides Change Log:
(Northrend 70-72) - Step 103 - Guide now instructs players to deliver the Orphaned Mammoth Calf and tracks its completion before telling them to turn in the quest "Khu-nok Will Know". This was added for clarification purposes.
(Northrend 70-71) - Moved the ding steps for 71
Guides Viewer Change Log:
* Fixed a bug in Goal.lua "compare a number with nil" (GV-8)
* Fixed step completion timing irregularities (smoother fastforwarding/rewinding)


  1. Very nice! thanks you!

  2. thank you but this ones buggy, got ula errors on startup zygor have fixed it with patch....


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