Zygor Guides 3.0.1600

Zygor Guides 3.0.1600

Patch Notes (From the official web)

Version: 3.0.1600

Last Updated On:

December 14th, 2010
Alliance Guides Change Log:
(Worgen 1-13) - Added an additional waypoint step to give better direction when heading towards Lord Godfrey.
Horde Guides Change Log:
(Outland 62-64) - Removed the quests "Messenger to Thrall" and "Envoy to the Mag'har" because they were removed by Blizzard.
(Outland 66-68) - Corrected goal line so that it displays properly.
Talents Change Log:
Fixed Protection Warrior Build
Guides Viewer Change Log:
* Fix for Lua error: "ZygorGuidesViewer.lua line 3426: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)"
* Fix for Lua error "ZygorGuidesViewer.lua:767: Usage: GetItemCooldown(itemID)"
* Fix for Lua error: "Pointer.lua:629: attempt to index global 'MinimapSize' (a nil value)"
Other changes:
NPCs File edited


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