Make Ubuntu look like 7

First of all, I wanna make clear I created NOTHING of what I used here, I just googled a lot :P

Credits to juandejesuss (on for the transformation pack.

I'll try to make this pretty straightforward, when one of my friends told me "I love the win7 desktop" I was pretty shocked, I mean, noone should love something so-not-free xD. But... Everyone likes what everyone likes... We searched a little bit and then came across this...

That's it, a transformation pack, just download, run and click, click, click xD

Just go there, at the bottom of the page you'll see 3 download icons, you might aswell download the 3 of them, for now let's just focus on the one named Win2-7 Multilang Aero! 5.9.1 (The version might change eventually).

After you download it, the filename will be something like... Win2-7Pack*.tar.lzma.tar, rename it to Win2-7Pack*.tar.lzma (Without the last tar) and decompress it. Inside the pack folder there will be a file named, just run it.

Hope you enjoy it :P.

PD: I've found this panel background that looks (imo) better than the one from that pack.

I'm not a big 7 look fan, so my desktop will NOT look like that, but here's a pic of how mine looks after some few modifications.

PD2: If your start menu doesn't look like the one at gnome-look then delete it, right click the panel and click on add new element to the panel, search for gnomenu and add it. Now right click on it and click on properties. The are 4 "main" options here, menu, startbutton, iconset and audio, just change them to look like win7 on the drop menus :P.

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