Zygor Guide 2.0.1005 and Dailies Full version

Title says it all... Current (04/18/2010) version of Zygor's WoW Leveling Guide, I'm sharing it with you guys :P

This is the link of virustotal file check...

Just checked it :P

Here's the download link, if you want it re-uploaded or uploaded in another server just post it.

Instructions: ------------------- 1. Download. 2. Extract. 3. Copy extracted folders to your WoW/Interface/AddOns folder.    - Both Horde and Alliance folders are included, if you don't play both, don't worry, WoW will only load the appropriate guide. 4. Launch WoW. 5. Once you are logged in and at your character screen, click the AddOns button and make sure that ZygorGuidesViewer and ZygorTalentAdvisor are checked. 6. Launch the game and enjoy.

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