MapleStory Evan Skill Build

This is the skill build I used and/or I'm planning to use. I'll explain my reasons and I'll be updating this as I'm advancing through the game.

Beginner skills (Lvl 1-10) You'll get 6 SP as every other job, none of this skills are usefull, you won't use them past lvl 10 (Maybe Nimble Feet till 20 when you get Teleport). So, it doesn't really matter, I maxed Three Snails first, that made my way from 1 to 10 easier, also I got Nimble Feet maxed cause it was a good boost untill I got Teleport.

Now, for the first mastery (Lvl 10-20), doing the evan quest will allow you to max both Dragon Soul and Magic Missile, my opinion, max Magic Missile first, it'll be your only attack for at least 10 levels, it's like magician's Magic Claw, pretty good. Then max Dragon Soul, I really love this passive +20matt skill, a boost no other job get's so easily.

Second mastery (Lvl 20-30)? Same story... With quests you'll be able to max both Fire Circle and Teleport, guess what? Put 1 SP into Teleport, then max Fire Circle (YAY!!! Mobbing fire-based skill at level 20!!!), then max teleport, not many options there.

3rd mastery (Lvl 30-40)... I hate Nexon for this, making people pay 2 dollars in order to be able to master Magic Guard, one of the most needed skills for any magician... Anyway, if you plan on beign an Evan for a long time, pay those 2k NX (the cheap package in the event, apparently the non-event price will be 2,5k NX). So, if you didn't pay, Magic Guard at lvl 5 it's pretty useless, so go maxing Lightning Bolt first, then get your Magic Guard. If you did pay (Like me :S), get your Magic Guard maxed first, why? Cause you're pretty much gonna do PQs at this point, and Magic Guard is way more usefull for PQs than a single target skill, also, at the time I'm writing this, there's a reported glitch that if you max Lightning first, when you get to level 40 you'll have Magic Guard at level 17 and you won't be able to put any SPs on it. BTW, also at the moment I'm writing this, if you bought the Magic Guard Mastery Book and max Magic Guard first, you'll have an spare SP in the 3rd mastery, you can't use it. Well done Nexon!

Edit: At 4th mastery (Lvl 40-50) you can also max both Ice Breath and Elemental Reset with the extra SP you get from quests. So, max Ice Bresth first, then Elemental Reset, Ice Breath is pretty usefull for the long run and you won't be doing much grinding yet so Elemental Reset can be left for later.

I'll update this when I get to lvl 50.


  1. you lvl 50 yet? this guide is good.

  2. Sadly I quit MS for personal reasons... So... Until something changes on Evan Builds I'll leave this guide here. It won't be updated. I play WoW now xD


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