Ubuntu 9.10 vs. Windows 7

Today I was talking to one of my friends... He used to have Window$ Vi$ta in his laptop (Preinstalled). Few days ago he wanted to switch to Ubuntu because, let's face it, Vi$ta sucks more than we could have ever imagined, and we can imagine lot of stuff from that people...

Now he got his hands on Window$ 7, and, following the general stupid idea sold from Micro$oft that 7 doesn't suck as much as Vi$ta, he now claims that he no longer needs or wants Ubuntu in his machine... Stupid, huh? Let's say why...

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala VS. Window$ 7

  1. 7 boost fast, honestly. Sadly, Ubuntu boost faster (Check youtube for boot videos) (1-0)
  2. Ubuntu shutdowns faster too. (2-0)
  3. Ubuntu has a really nice set of preinstalled software, that you don't get with 7. Office suit, good media players, burning CD options, support for PDF files, iPod support, image editor, torrent support, e-book reader, a GOOD web browser, and more! BTW, afford all those programs with licenses for using on 7 and sell the bill to Bill :). (3-0)
  4. With Ubuntu, you don't need antivirus :D. (4-0)
  5. Ubuntu is faster in general words. (5-0)
  6. Ubuntu, and all the software you need for living when using Ubuntu, it's FREE! (6-0)
  7. Ubuntu got wine... Window$ got Lina? (7-0)
  8. Ubuntu has a huge open community of developers and supporters, you can be part of it. 7 got a bunch of idiots who, and I'm gonna play this card now, MADE VI$TA!!! (8-0)
  9. Ubuntu updates faster, better and safer. (9-0)
Anyone wants to add something here, or try to put 7 on the fight at least? You're welcome!

Now you might get why Ubuntu everyday gets more users, while Window$ loses...

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