PHP, MySQL, Apache - Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

I'm just gonna tell you what to do to get everything to work, not so much explanations, the only thing you need to know to do this step is reading and clicking... Pretty much what you used to get here...

Simple as, click on System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager

Now you'll love ubuntu even more ^^. Just click on Edit > Mark packages by Task

A window will pop-up... Just mark LAMP server and Accept, another window will pop-up, click on Mark, then click on Apply, Apply again... And almost done ^^. (How long did it take, 30 secs?)

Wait untill the download finishes and then another window will pop-up, input a MySQL password two times (be smart, write it down or something and don't make it "1234" if you're going to make a public site...). Now your LAMP server is going to be installed... And that's it! Go write "localhost" (without the quotes of course) in your web explorer and check it out!!!

I'll be keeping on posting tutorials about making websites in ubuntu, this is just basic.

EDIT: I know, I know, this was a simple guide and I forgot to tell you where's the www directory... My bad, hahaha now I guess that you might want to edit that website... Easy, the directory is /var/www

But... Bad news! You won't be able to edit those files without a "sudo" ^^. Here's what you'll do... Open the Console (Applications > Accesories > Terminal), now write this:

cd /var

Now write this...

sudo chmod -R 744 www

Input your root password... Done!

That will give you and other users permission to read, write and execute on that directory.

You're done now!!! Go make a nice website! ^^

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